Month: May 2020

ALL RETAILERS WHO GAVE AWAY EASTER EGGS, including R&E Family Butchers, Letchworth A number of retailers gave chocolate eggs away leading up to Easter and several of my followers sent me details. I decided to wait until after Easter, before publishing as I did not wish to put unreal demand upon the shops concerned. The first such story was sent in by very good friend and former star colleague, Anne-Marie Lose, who will be known to many. The small local shop posted “We have decided that we would like to spread a little bit of Easter cheer. So if you are in the shop or having a home delivery, please let us know if you have little ones at home as we will be giving out complimentary Easter eggs”. This is a great act of kindness from a shop that sell meats not sweets. Well done to ALL retailers that did this or something similar. In fact we would love to hear of any stories where an individual or organisation, has gone out of their way during this difficult period. I prefer to forget about “Villains” right now but will publish any submitted.