anthony nolan trust nurse Hayley Leonard. (lockdown heroes)

Hayley has been a nurse for blood cancer charity, Anthony Nolan Trust, since May 2017. During her medical career, she has worked in several roles, including working as a stem cell transplant nurse. Alongside her demanding day job, as a lead nurse at the Trust, she has now volunteered as a courier, which involves travelling across the UK, collecting donated stem cells and transporting them to patients waiting for a transplant. Hayley stepped in when the team of volunteer couriers became somewhat thin on the ground, due to COVID-19. She knows from her professional experience how vital, in saving lives, it is to keep stem cell donations moving during this difficult period. Working as a nurse, right now, is heroic enough and the nation rightly recognises this by applauding all NHS staff and Care workers every Thursday. I think that Hayley deserves double clapping, when we stand on our doorsteps this week.