Brewdog brewers (lockdown heroes)

Fast becoming the UK’s favourite “challenger” brewer, Brewdog announced two initiatives during LOCKDOWN. The first was to help the community and the second to help customers when this is all over.

1. HELPING THE COMMUNITY They switched production at their Ellon Brewery in Aberdeenshire, from beer to hand sanitiser. NOT for commercial purposes, in order to boost sales whilst pubs and bars are closed. They are distributing the sanitiser FREE to those who need it. The first 100,000 went quickly, demand was great and they set up a separate packing station to cope. We understand that the shortage of containers has been the biggest problem encountered.

2. CELEBRATING WHEN IT IS ALL OVER BrewDog has distributed vouchers to customers and supporters for a schooner (2/3 rds of a pint) so that everyone can celebrate with a free drink of either draught PUNK IPA or alcohol free PUNK AF.

Smart thinking from a company that knows how to provide a great experience for all and how to keep the brand in the spotlight at a time when business is, understanably, at a low ebb.

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