BIN MEN EVERYWHERE & LONDON BOROUGH of KENSINGTON & CHELSEA in particular All over the country Bin Men have worked right through the COVID19 crisis. Keeping the streets free of surplus rubbish and waste is essential and these hard working guys have not stopped running between houses to meet their targets. So we salute Bin Men throughout the UK. I know many areas have painted messages of appreciation on the bins. In particular, I want ro feature, Daniel O’Hagan, who when a local church community became concerned for the safety of an elderly resident, took the opportunity to quickly check up on her during his round. Daniel is a contract supervisor with SUEZ for Chelsea & Kensington and confirms that the crews are helping out by checking on elderly residents. Recognising the need of the times, he agreed with the council’s Coronavirus Hub that he and his colleagues would look out for the welfare of elderly residents on their rounds. These guys do a job that most of us would not care for and, I am guessing, it is not especially well paid. Society cannot do without these guys and the extra care, they are providing at this time is priceless.