LOCKDOWN HEROES Lockdown certainly inspired Holly to a new way of life. Having just completed maternity leave, Holly, who has two daughters, started to hold daily live English lessons on Facebook and had 74 followers. Today she has 44,000 across three platforms. This week, she is moving the lessons to YouTube, where she already has 4,000 subscibers and she has a further 2,000 on Instagram and has been recommended by CBBC’s Newsround Site. Holly has always had a passion for English and is now reaching a far bigger audience, than she formerly had as a traditional school-teacher and she receives regular “fan mail” from appreciative learners and their families. Post LOCKDOWN, she is looking to bring more challenging topics to children in an accessible way. Her teaching steers away from a test and examination preparation style with the aim to get children to love english. DON’S COMMENTS: I did English at Grammar school and scrapped through all the exams, but I never understood “clause analysis” or “sub-congruated verbs”. Neither have I found a need for them as a professional speaker and author! I think Holly has really found her niche here.