The Government is naturally keen to get a proven vaccine for COVID-19 available as soon as possible. The target is ambitiously set for September. Creating a new vaccine takes time and money and a crucial part of the programme is the live testing using volunteers. The leading research institutes, involved in this process will each need around a 1,000 volunteers to start with. I understand that plenty of volunteers have stepped forward and some of the researchers have already closed their registers, at least for the initial stage of testing. Our Heroes today are therefore all those who have volunteered for this role. YES, the scientists will be as cautious as possible as they start to tests on human beings to ensure the safety of the volunteers. However, there must be a small amount of doubt in the minds of volunteers, who are helping to defeat a new disease, where everyone is working, if not in complete darkness, in heavily shaded areas. Without our heroes – the volunteers – we would be unable to produce a successful vaccine to enable our lives to return to normality. So today, we salute our volunteers and we would be delighted to hear from any of them, wishing to share their experience.