COVID-19 has affected us all, in someway or another. To some extent, the difference is our personal approach and how we react to new challenges. Our hero today is Kevin Hall, who has previously held senior positions in the travel industry. In 2017, Kevin was suffering from terminal cancer and given just a year to live. Kevin refused to give up and in January 2019, he was offered a transplant. Although the chances of success were not high, he went for it. He did not start to recover until October 2019 By March, this year, he was ready to launch his new business – a car rental booking operation to service all sections of the industry and catering for the needs of disabled passengers. The onslaught of Coronavirus, just as he was starting out was, naturally, a major frustration. Kevin recognised that he had overcome far bigger challenges in recent years and pushed on with his plans as far as the lockdown restrictions allowed, if only to get his name out into the market. “This was my chance to turn my life around and to give something back”, he says. In fact, Kevin’s business has already secured several contracts and promises of future work. Congratulations Kevin on your great fight back and for being today’s lockdown hero.