Marzena & BEAM (Lockdown Heroes)

A year ago, Marzena lost everything due to drug addiction, including her job and her home. Beam helped her raise £4,725 to retrain in beauty theraphy, so that she could work as a beautician. She studied hard, remained drug-free and her new career was ready for lift-off. At that time CORONAVIRUS broke out and there was no way she could work in her chosen field. It would have been understandable if she gave up and regressed. But no, Marzena rolled up her sleeves and started work as a catering assistant at a London hospital, keeping vital staff and patients well fed during the pandemic. She and many other key workers in unsung jobs including drivers, cleaners and binmen, deserved to be included last night’s clapping. For Marzena, the journey has not been easy but she arrived in time to play her part.