I know Nicola will not consider that she has done anything extra-ordinary – “just carrying on”, she says, but her story illustrates just that, the ability to “keep keeping on”, rather than taking one’s foot of the pedal. Just before LOCKDOWN, she had completed a day’s filming for a short promo for a client about Guest WiFi in the hospitality industry. Once LOCKDOWN began, the client indicated there was no rush for the finished version. However as soon as she had received all the information she needed, she hunkered down to do the 3 days intense editing work to produce the final version. The client was delighted with the film and within days she received the news that an earlier film “What did you do in the war, grandad?” had been selected for the semi-finals of a major film festival. Some may not think the events are connected. After all, the Festival film was completed way before LOCKDOWN. However, I think that Nicola’s enthusiasm and determination to press ahead in a demanding role, says much about her commitment and skill. She is a winner, who will not let the problems of the day stand in her way. This is how LOCKDOWN should be approached Yes, stick to the rules but look for ways to carry on. Good luck with the Festival, Nicola.