Now that we are at the start of easing LOCKDOWN rules and when it is suggested that we stop weekly clapping of hospital, care-home and other key-workers, here is a story to remind us that a deadly danger remains and can strike at any time – so we need to be careful to stick to the new rules, including social distancing. Also, we should not return to taking for granted the sacrifices and efforts made by medics, care workers and others on the frontine. Sally Hodson, just 66, is released from hospital today after 6 weeks on a ventilator and given only a 20% survival chance. Perhaps, she got her fighting spirit from her late brother, Tony Greig – one of the most competative all-round cricketers in history and former England captain. As she begins her home recovery, Sally has only praise for the staff at Pinderfields. “It is beyond nursing” says Sally “everytime someone walked passed, whether a cleaner, tea-lady or nurse, they would kneel beside me and hold my hand” I know from personal experience of 2 long spells on life-support, how lonely and frightening this can be – especially when family are not able to be present. So please, do not forget social distance rules whilst enjoying the weather and keep safe.