Lockdown has been a necessity, but for most, difficult. If you look hard enough in any negative situation, you will find some pockets where the situation, with some creative thinking, hard-work and commitment, can turn the situation to the advantage of many. The Tacons Farm in Norfolk, is a good example. The sunniest May on record, produced extremely fine, soft and sweet strawberries. At the same time the easing of lockdown meant that there were plenty of customers looking for an enjoyable outdoor activity for all ages. Clearly in order to benefit from this situation some changes were needed. Social distancing was soon sorted, as the area was large and picking every other row on alternate days helped enormously. The farm installed hand sanitisation stations and they were able to negotiate a temporary pathway so that residents of the local village could walk to the farm. An arrangement with a local pub to provide a chuck wagon for food and drink, also improved the customer experience. Additionally, with educational establishments closed, they were able to employ 10 local teenagers to pick and plant for their non-PYO business, replacing the non-available Easter Europeans. Yes win/win all round.