Claire Harris & PETS 2 PLACES (CX Heroes)

Claire a self-taught business lady who. loves animals, started a taxi service for pets 5 years ago and has been kept busy ever since. 
This story began when she was contacted by the local police, on behalf of an elderly gentleman whose cat, after being missing all night, came home badly injured.
Within 20 minutes they were on site to collect the cat and take him to the vets. The cat had taken refuge on the owner’s bed which was covered in blood. The priority was to get the injured cat to the vets and due to excessive blood loss, they needed to keep the cat in overnight. 
Pets 2 Places, deal with lots of situations and understand that elderly and vulnerable customers need extra support. 
So they returned to the owner’s home, reported on the cat’s progress and proceeded to change all the bed covers, including the duvet, as the blood had seeped through.
This company will always go the extra mile to help customers many of whom are elderly or incapacitated.
When I contacted Claire and congratulated her on providing a great customer experience, she had never heard of the term.
Instintively, she knew that helping her customers was great for business.
Incidently the cat recovered and was returned home next day.