CMO Stores, Devon (Lockdown Heroes)

Yesterday’s post on the contribution to the country’s well-being, during Lockdown, by CONTACT CENTRES, has sparked much interest.
Nick Fisher, Head of Customer Service at CMO STORES, (building suppliers), has described what he & colleagues did in double-quick time to maintain their business and that of their customers.
“We achieved this by simply saying we will make this happen. We set vulnerable staff up home-working weeks before LOCKDOWN – we could see this was coming. Then made decision to move entire workforce, including CONTACT CENTRE to home-working before LOCKDOWN commenced. Quickly purchasing the additional kit needed, from laptops to desk phone power bricks for, and creating documentation for home-working and we reworked processes to the cloud. Myself & colleagues delivered furniture to staff at their homes, in our cars and did all this in JUST 2 DAYS. We stayed open throughout, when competitors had to close for periods and saw a 60% uplift in contacts. Yes, it caused a few problems, but we were happy to have them. We have now expanded the contact centre by recruiting more agents”. 
This is a great company and the photograph shows their community project, building an animal shelter for a charity.