LOCKDOWN has been tough for firefighters, with numbers depleted due to need for many to self-isolate, extra duties such as driving ambulances and volunteering to help the community by delivering food parcels to vulnerable people etc. Of course, they have needed to maintain fitness (whilst observing social distancing) and the number of fires has increased – especially home fires, BBQ and camping fires! 
Amy Gerrard, based in the far north of Scotland, found time to create an interactive pack to teach children about fire safety, which is ideal for parents who are currently home-schooling. There are elements aimed at various ages and as a mum herself, Amy was aware of both the need for the packs and the new educational demands of teaching on-line.
The iniative has been praised by both the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service and the local authorities involved.
We will never know how many lives this initiative saves but the impact will be beneficial to many and that makes Amy our LOCKDOWN HEROE today.