Kiran Rai (Lockdown Heroes)

The expression “When you need something doing, go to a busy person, (because an idle one, will be too busy), could not be more apt, for this LOCKDOWN HERO. Kiran, is trained in criminology and is an experienced Complaints Manager and Fraud Investigator and she is also a Merchandiser in the family fashion business. Being very public spirited, she is the only female on the BBC Asian Network Bhangra Project and, being talented, she was the only girl finalist in the BBC Asian X-Factor singing competition.
Despite all her activities, Kiran has found time to handcraft some equisite greeting cards which she handwrites and sends to lonely and isolated people, who she knows are struggling at this difficult time and takes a keen interest in their well-being and support.
Right now, she will be thinking “What can I do next?”.