Salute the NHS (Lockdown Heroes)

This organisation was formed a month ago by Ron Dennis,72, former boss of McLaren, the Formula One motor racing team.
Mr Dennis’ catering company is making meals and food parcels for the initiative and he was inspired to act by his daugther, Charlotte, an intensive care anaesthetist.
We have already reported on Unilever’s help, whilst Tesco has donated food and ingredients, and DS Smith, a packaging company, has donated 75,000 boxes. Also working with the campaign are Fevertree Tonic Water, Gu Pudding and Grenade Protein Bars.
Salute has delivered more than 100,000 meals already and is making 1,000 food boxes a day.
Mr Dennis says that the crisis has revealed the best of the private sector and we salute his energy in getting this huge initiative off the ground.