The entire contact centre industry (Lockdown Heroes)

Yes, I am aware that Contact Centres are frequently loathed for long wait times, lack of emotion on part of agent and unwanted cold calls (not generally from UK).
But Contact Centres play a huge role in everyday life and maintain and support many vital services. They also provide employment for many thousands of people.

During April, the Contact Centre industry moved more than 600,000 people to home working, in order to keep the lights on. All the main suppliers and BPOs pitched in and the agents co-operated with enthusiasm. All agents were quickly back at work and helping to keep the country going, in an entirely new situation, without anyone thinking that they had gone missing. 
The technical and management challenges were enormous but the transition appeared to happen seemlessly.
I am indebted to my very good friend, Morris Pentel, for this item and I welcome stories from Contact Centres about how they achieved such a big change, so quickly.