Today we turn our attention to what might seem an unusual choice for our LOCKDOWN HEROES recognition.

Thérèse Coffey, Work & Pensions Secretary, recently drew attention to the work of the staff at DWP. Due to Covid19, the demand for Universal Credit and other benefits dealt with by the team has risen 6-fold. This, of course, at a time when the staff all had extra problems to deal with including, social distancing, home-working, children off school and avoiding the virus.
Many Civil-Servants were re-deployed and payment timeliness is actually running at record levels. During this period, they also approved some 700,000 advances, to help those who would not be able to cope, if they had to wait until the first routine payment was due.
Yes, these guys, are unlikely to get bucket loads of praise but they have risen to the occasion in a largely unenviable role at an important and complex time.
As Coffey said “They are the hidden heroes for so many people in the country. They should take great pride in their hard work and dedication in supporting people in these difficult times”.