There is nepotism in today’s posting as Cargin is, together with twin, Hayley, my youngest cousin and the youngest of uncle Nev, my mum’s kid brother. In fact, Nev was only 9 years older than I, whereas I am 20 years older than Cargin.
Cargin is one of the very few people I know, who has made a successful career from his favoured pastime, virtually from when he left school – albeit part-time to begin with. He combines this with being a smashing guy, a family man and a great fund raiser.
In fact, a few years back, he was awarded an MBE for services to taekwondo and charity. Cargin, together with his lovely wife, Cindy, runs a well-established martial arts school in Northampton and always provides a great learning experience for his students, going to great lengths to continue this during LOCKDOWN.
With real sessions clearly not possible, Cargin produces virtual classes for his students and a free video series for members of the public. He also makes himself available for any of his students who need extra support at this time.

Quote from Cargin

I don’t work in a company but in a space where I promote knowledge and discipline in children and young people and adults

I don’t discriminate because everyone is capable

I’m not a boss, but others see me as a leader or a model to follow

I’m not a psychologist, but I can make everyone believe in themselves

I’m not a doctor but I can diagnose needs and help

I don’t have hours of work, because while you watch tv or sleep, I’m planning for everyone to have better learning

I’m not an architect but I help build dreams and values 

I don’t scold anybody, I teach them the way to succeed in life at difficult times of life

I don’t use clay but mould virtues

It was not easy to get here, it was not just years of practice. It was days of the week and weekends, without family.

It was skills, training hard and injuries.

All this to become alone in a mirror….that is also fragile, who also learns, who makes mistakes and suffers

I am an instructor – I don’t just teach, I share a little of life and share my knowledge