Premier League Referee, ANTHONY TAYLOR (Lockdown Heroes)

As someone who in the dim and distant past, spent 22 years playing park football on a Saturday and/or Sunday, I do not really like referees. Especially at professional level, when they always seem to give decisions against my team, Leyton Orient. Of course, I might be a bit prejudiced!
But, top official, Anthony Taylor deserves today’s LOCKDOWN HEROES spot for his activities during LOCKDOWN. He has not played the “I’m a big shot ref, training and resting”. No, inspired by his sister, a frontline doctor in Manchester, he has been helping vulnerable people in his local community during the Covid19 pandemic by delivering food parcels to older people and also to a local college for families of children receiving free school meals. Anthony says “people are grateful for the assistance, it allays their fears that they are not going to go short”.
Personally, I cannot wait until Wednesday, when Anthony and his referee colleagues, blow their whistles to start an avalanche of games over the next few weeks.