Sophie, as a mum of four children under 10, has enough to keep her busy, and especially when home schooling is the order of the day.
Someone mentioned a family needed a meal and that was the beginning. She has been spending 10 hours a day, preparing meals and food parcels for vulnerable people. In all she has cooked around 4,500 dinners. Her garage became a storage area and her normal domestic kitchen a hive of activity.
It almost did not happen as officials in Bridport, Dorset, said she needed a food hygiene certificate and they were unable to visit, due to LOCKDOWN, to inspect the facilities. That did not stop Sophie and eventually the officials agreed upon a virtual inspection.
Her team raised £5,000 to fund the ingredients and the demand just grew.
Now, Sophie is hanging up her apron. LOCKDOWN has been loosened and her delivery drivers are going back to work.
This was a truly amazing effort by Sophie and, if an emergency reoccurs, I guess she will be back in action.