Supermarkets have come out well during LOCKDOWN, adapting quickly, cheerfully & positively to a sudden challenge. But the name that comes up most is TESCO. Whether, it is individuals helping customers or volunteering in distribution of unsold food for the vulnerable or community acts by a branch, their name comes through regularly.

I would like to feature 2 examples of other actions that deserve merit.
The 1st, is their decision, in response that the number of domestic abuse incidents were rising, to print for free, details of a domestic violence helpline on all receipts.
Second. They have managed to retain a sense of humour – not easy in a crisis. One customer wrote a joklng complaint about his pack of 7 bacon rashers only containing 6. Recognising the style of the complaint, Tesco replied helpfully, but in the same vein.The complainer recognised the mutual humour and posted the details on Social Media. 45,000 views later, the company came out well.

At the start of COVID, a ludicrous report did the rounds about supermakets tying customers together to ensure social distance. When asked to comment most stores issued po-faced denials. Tesco issued a spoof story about customers’ experience of this, at a rival retailer.