PATRICK HUTCHINSON who RESCUED INJURED counter protester (lockdown heroes)

Praise must be given to Patrick and his pals who rescued an injured white man on Saturday during the demonstrations A very fit man, he is a personal trainer, a father and a grandfather.
He and a small group of friends, all martial arts experts, were at the BLM demo, primarily to watch out for any young black guys who might be in danger at the event. When the team, saw a white person on the floor, injured and in danger of being more so. They went to his assistance. Patrick strode into the threatening crowd, picked up the injured man, put him over his shoulder and carried him to safety, whilst protected by his pals.

It was a brave act, it would have been easy to look away like the police and onlookers at the George Floyd incident. No recriminations would have been aimed at Patrick. 
Later, Patrick said “I just want equality for all of us” 
This happened during the easing of
LOCKDOWN, and Patrick and his pals are true LOCKDOWN HEROES.