ROYAL MAIL (CX Heroes and villains)

Royal Mail have been fined £1.5m for failure to meet delivery targets for 1st class post for the financial year ending 2019. They are allowed a 7% failure rate, which seems generous, but in fact failed to achieve the target on 8.5% of deliveries. The premium rate for 1st class is approx.15% and the cost of a 1st class stamp is currently £0.76. 
Of course, many people use other, faster and more efficient communication channels, but there are still many people who depend on the postal service. Additionally, Royal Mail seeks to increase their business (parcels etc.) but poor performance in their core business will not help their reputation.
What other business charges extra for a premium service, fails to deliver 8.5% of the time and offers no compensation?
Incidentally, they were also fined £100k for overcharging on 2nd class stamps for a period of one month.
This does not sound like a customer focused organisation but they have pledged to improve