We publish this story, from a supporter on a fansite, to illustrate that providing an organisation generally provides a good experience, customers will be understanding if mistakes are made or service slips during exceptional times.
“The club has taken a bit of criticism recently regarding season ticket renewals and dispatch of orders.
I applied for next season’s ticket and was waiting for the call to take my payment. They called and I was out. I was called again a few days later, on a Sunday (no problem for me) and everything sorted. Well done, club staff.
Having ordered some goods from the 
Club Shop, I received an email confirming delivery within days. This duly arrived but one item was missing. I informed them by email and promptly received a reply, apologising and confirming that the item would be with me very soon. Within a two days the order was completed.
I would say that this was pretty good service.
Remember, the club (like others at our levels) are suffering financially, due to early curtailment of season and staff levels are reduced. However our season ticket renewals are at a record high.
Please show a bit of patience and support for the club staff”.