I was planning to write about this sector, primarily hotels, travel agencies, airlines etc., and their reluctance to return fees, often illegally so, for covid cancellations and for charging admin fees or insisting clients sign confidentiality forms.
However, this from my pal Frank Furness, globe-trotting superstar speaker, covers the sector, looking to the future.

“After 3 months of lockdown, many of us want to get away. Once they announced that we could visit Spain, I decided to visit my place there for 2 weeks. 
Most airlines are charging rip-off fees. so I shopped around. 

British Airways had the best price. I delayed booking 12 hours to check if the pool was open. When I went to book the price had risen by £150 In 12 hours!

I have used for 20 years and their quote was good again (a HERO amongst VILLAINS!)

Car-parking at Heathrow is normally about £70 and it is about the same as the return taxi fare.

PurpleParking, who I normally use were double their normal rate whilst Sofitel wanted £630! I am a 15 yr member of their loyalty club and use them frequently in Asia – no more!

Most have been struggling financially during lockdown, so why rip us off now, rather than build relationships for the future?”