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I have just finished re-reading “thebook,thefilm,the-shirt” by Matt Beaumont, a humourous book about the stupidities of the advertising world. Just as I was thinking, very funny but not the real world, I saw this story which shows how out of touch with their customers some advertising professionals are.
The point is that this company include clothes for “plus-size” ladies but about 20% of the plus-size range are not modelled by plus-size women. They are either size 8 models – draping the clothes around themselves or accompanied by notes such as “please note the picture shown is our size 8 model” or “please note the picture shown is our mainline style”.
Many plus-size ladies have complained that the whole idea of the photos is to show what the item looks like on a plus girl. Other customers felt offended that the company want to profit from plus-size individuals but without representing or supporting them in anyway. I am sure the pictures were high quality but this has produced a low-quality EXPERIENCE for many customers and in an important section of the market. Just as the advert producer in the book I mentioned, says “we are professionals, darling”.