Book review -SELLING PROFESSIONALLY Dr Beth Rogers with Dr Jeremy Noad

“A guide to becoming a world-class sales executive”, this book has all the knowledge that I wish was available when I began a sales career in 1965. It would have saved years of trial & error before I achieved sales success, 25 years later!
On launching the National Sales Awards in 1996, the UK’s 1st comprehensive Sales Award programme, Beth Rogers was one of my first supporters & judges. Her enthusiasm for professional selling was contagious and she has persisted to this day, as this excellent book (with Jeremy Noad) demonstrates.

In the introduction, the authors demolish the notion that sales is an art and details the wide range of knowledge, skills and behaviours required to succeed in a successful sales career. Encapsulating, all aspects of the requirements to become a world-class sales professional, they emphasise customer needs, ethical behaviour and achieving professional qualifications. Avoiding an academic approach, whilst authoritative and full of relevant facts and details it is easy to read.

This is the one guide to sales that professionals need and will be dipped into for years’ ahead. Endorsed by The Association of Sales Professionals this is a giant step forward for selling.