ÇX HEROES: Tony HSIEH ex Founder and CEO of ZAPPOS

It is very sad to read of the passing of CX Legend, Tony HSIEH. He and his team, pioneered so many fantastic service innovations.

To be honest, in recent years, I have tended to cringe a little when yet another CX guru, mounts the stage and tells the ZAPPOS story, often implying that they were on the inside-edge of the ZAPPOS development.
But, surprisingly, every time the story gets told, a new gem appears.

I only learned recently that ZAPPOS sell shoes in “singles”. Not much of a market you might think. Look at it from the customers view and the customer appeal becomes clear: amputees, people whose activities result in one shoe wearing out faster than the other, customers with odd size feet, even show-offs who want to be different by wearing odd shoes, then there are issues such as replacing a lost or damaged shoe.

The list goes on but it takes a visionary company to start the ball rolling.