The aim of ‘my heroes and villains’ is to hear about their stories & adventures and how they impact on services, products and the people around them.

Don Hales – THe don of customer experience & founder of CX & Lockdown heroes & Villains.

The DON of Customer Experience, Author & Presenter & was the original Chairman of Co-founder of Awards International.

Don has played a major role in building several companies, from scratch, which have subsequently been sold for multi millions. Following his extraordinary success in founding and building Awards International in which he has run Awards, mainly in CX and associated fields – in UK, Amsterdam and Dubai, Don has turned his sights to recognising the heroes and outing the villains of CX.

Specialties: Customer Experience, Presentation Skills, 22 years experience running major Award programmes on an International basis. Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute, Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association.

Don entered the Awards business in 1996 as Deputy MD at Quest Media and quickly launched National Sales Awards, National Customer Service Awards and (co-launched) National Business Awards. These were all bought by UBM and after a 3 year spell as a consultant for UBM, he co-founded Awards International.

Caroline Griffiths

Growing up Caroline had lofty ambitions to be a private detective, lawyer or psychologist so it’s fair to say she has a keen interest in getting under the skin of what is really going on and a strong sense of justice.

Caroline is founder of both fortysevenpercent and Strophe Ltd. fortysevenpercent focuses organisations on WhatMatters and Strophe applies a new lens to help organisations apply meaningful, innovative solutions to existing and future challenges which impact company performance, culture and reputation.

Fundamentally Caroline believes her sole purpose is to make a difference, as such it’s fair to say that listening to and telling peoples stories about their experience, anchoring change and sharing best practice whilst recognising those who make a difference… well who can possibly wake up to a better job than that. This is our chance to storytell what’s really going on out there.

Lets turn those whispers into voices and let’s hear those stories.

We are interested in what is really going on out there. Social media is often used to be DIVISIVE so lets go public instead in recognising the heroes and remembering the value of our villains without whom we wouldn’t always see the heroism or appreciate what good looks like. Recognising both allows us to to leverage change.

Don Hales Speaking at the Solus Conference in London UK on Customer Experience.